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Session Materials and Audio Recordings

Individual Session Materials (listed by Area of Discipline) will be loaded as they become available. 
Sessions with a speaker icon MP3 denote an audio recording is available.


KEY1 - Keynote: Technology, Trends and the Catalytic Impacts on Law Firms Presentation MP3 MP3
KEY2 - Keynote: Law Firm 2020: Emerging Business and Technology Opportunities  Presentation MP3 MP3
KEY3 - Keynote: The Crucible Experience As a Catalyst for Leading  Presentation MP3 MP3


APP1 - Improving Deployments with a Pilot Group Approach Presentation MP3 MP3
APP2 - We're Virtually There: Application Virtualization for the Legal Environment  Presentation MP3 MP3
APP3 - Microsoft Office 365: An Analysis for the Legal Community Presentation MP3 MP3
APP4 - Win Big with [Insert Open Source App Here] Presentation MP3 MP3
APP5 - The Modern Enterprise Desktop: Moving Forward With Ease Presentation MP3 MP3
APP6 - Postcards from the Edge: Early Adopters Share the Good (and Bad) of Office 2013 & Windows 8 Presentation MP3 MP3
APP7 - Law Firm Governance of Microsoft SharePoint: "Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth." Presentation MP3 MP3
APP8 - Learning 2013: Beyond the Classroom Presentation MP3 MP3
APP9 - Tablets for Productivity: How Law Firms Are Getting Things Done Presentation MP3 MP3
APP10 - SharePoint 2013: What's in It for Law Firms?  Presentation MP3 MP3
APP11 - Making It a Smaller World: What It Takes To Deploy Microsoft Office Globally Presentation MP3 MP3
APP12 - Guerilla Tactics for Attorney Training Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG1 - What's Next for Office? A Sneak Peek Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG2 - Windows 8! Love It or Hate It? Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG3 - Are You Secure? Server-Side Metadata Removal Tools Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG4 - SharePoint: Practical Applications and Customization Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG5 - Dropbox, Box, Biscom...Vendors Galore! Choosing a Secure File-Delivery Service  Presentation MP3 MP3
DASPG6 - OneNote: Microsoft Office's Unsung Hero? Presentation MP3 MP3
USSPG1 - Set the Stage for E-Learning Presentation, Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 5, Handout 6 MP3 MP3
USSPG2 - Leveraging New Technologies To Provide Extraordinary Customer Support Presentation; Handout MP3 MP3
USSPG3 - How Many Hats Can I Wear? The Evolving Role of the Trainer Presentation MP3 MP3
USSPG4 - Use the Clues in Your Helpdesk Knowledge Base for More Than Whodunit Handout MP3 MP3
USSPG5 - The Dating Game...of Helpdesk Ticketing Software Handout 1, Handout 2 MP3 MP3
USSPG6 - What To Know Before Doing Skills Assessments Presentation MP3 MP3


ECMPG1 - SharePoint As a Display Portal for Your DMS?  Baker & Donelson Presentation, Thompson Coburn Presentation MP3 MP3
ECMPG2 - ECM Architect/Administrator: What Skill Set Is Needed to Survive and Thrive? Presentation MP3 MP3
ECMPG3 - Scan with a Plan: The Sequel Presentation MP3 MP3
ECMPG4 - ECM: Learn from the Experts
ECMPG5 - It's Time for a DMS Health Check MP3 MP3
ECMPG6 - Virtual Deal Rooms and Shared Collaborative Spaces
INFO1 - Access By Federation for Client Collaboration Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO2 - Email Management: Served with a Twist and a Fresh Perspective! Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO3 - Breathing New Life into Your CRM Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO4 - Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (The Latest in News Aggregators) Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO5 - Predictive Coding Technologies for Information Management Purposes...Could It Be? Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO6 - Why the CMO is the CIO's Best Friend Presentation
INFO7 - Erecting Ethical Walls...Then What? Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO8 - Alternative Rocks! Non-Traditional Approaches to LPM Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO9 - Privacy: This'll Make Your Hair Stand on End Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO10 - Change Management: Getting Lawyers To Adopt LPM Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO11 - Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile Project Management Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO12 - ECM in the Law Department (Who Said It Couldn't Be Done?) MP3 MP3
INFO13 - So You Think You Can Survey? MP3 MP3
INFO14 - Planning for a Disaster: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy Presentation MP3 MP3
INFO15 - Marketing Roundtable MP3 MP3
KMPG1 - Bolstering KM Through User Experience Design MP3 MP3
KMPG2 - Storytelling To Transform Your KM Projects, Strategy and Culture Presentation MP3 MP3
KMPG3 - KM in Support of Firm Operations and Administration Presentation MP3 MP3
KMPG4 - Should You Create Innovative Online Legal Products for Clients? MP3 MP3
KMPG5 - Better, Faster, Stronger: The Energized After-Action Review Presentation MP3 MP3
KMPG6 - Knowledge Management, Information Security and Records Management MP3 MP3
PSPG1 - Is the PMO Becoming Extinct? Presentation, Handout MP3 MP3
PSPG2 - Who Is Managing the Forest If You're Tending the Trees? (The "Accidental" Portfolio Manager) Presentation MP3 MP3
PSPG3 - The "Accidental" PM: Managing Projects Without Formal Project Managers Presentation MP3 MP3
PSPG4 - Camelot or Spamalot? Effective E-Marketing Solutions Presentation MP3 MP3
PSPG5 - Big Data Alchemy: Making BizDev Gold from Lead Presentation MP3 MP3
PSPG6 - Strategic Prioritization: Boiling the Ocean One Priority at a Time Presentation MP3 MP3
RRMPG1 - What Litigation Support Professionals Need To Know About Information Governance Presentation MP3 MP3
RRMPG2 - Nimble Approaches to Information Governance Presentation MP3 MP3
RRMPG3 - The Gamification of Security Awareness Training MP3 MP3
RRMPG4 - Updated Rules of Professional Responsibility: What IT Professionals Need To Know About Them  Presentation MP3 MP3
RRMPG5 - The FBI and Experts Present Security Updates and Strategies for Firms of All Sizes Presentation (Jaar), Presentation (Lombardi) ZIP file of Vertigrate Scripts
RRMPG6 - Security? What's the Big Deal? Law Firm Security Basics for Non-Security People Presentation  MP3 MP3
SPEC17 - Data Privacy and Security Law: An Overview for the IT Professional MP3 MP3


HAND1A - Say No to Demos; Create Interactive E-Learning with Adobe Captivate Presentation
HAND3 - Technology-Assisted Review: A Hands-On Case Study Presentation
HAND4 - Excel 2013 for Business Intelligence 4B Presentation
HAND5 - What's New in SharePoint 2013? A Hands-On Experience Presentation
HAND6 - Upgrading to Windows Server 2012 in the Legal Environment: A Hands-On Lab 6A Presentation, 6B Presentation
HAND7 - Managing the Desktop of Tomorrow Presentation, Documentation
HAND8 - Desktop Deployment and Management with SCCM 2012 Presentation
LEDES1 - LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) Oversight Committee Biannual Members Meeting MP3 MP3
LEDES2 - LEDES - The Proliferation of UTBMS MP3 MP3
MISC1 - Fast Future Workshop: The Role of Emerging Technologies in Driving Future Legal Strategies and Business Models  Presentation MP3 MP3
MISC2 - Ladies Who Lead "Lean In To Legal" MP3 MP3
MISC3 - G100 CIO Event Recap MP3 MP3
MISC4 - Fast Future Workshop 2: Transforming Business Processes and Practices in Tomorrow's Law Firms and Law Departments  Presentation  MP3 MP3
MISC5 - Five Steps To Delivering Dynamic Presentations MP3 MP3
MISC6 - How To Develop Quality Requirements for SharePoint Projects MP3 MP3
SPEC1 - Making Sure the Technology Matters Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC2 - IT and Firm Risk Management: The Crucible PresentationRisk Assessment Outline MP3 MP3
SPEC3 - Develop and Run Effective Security Awareness Training Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC4 - IT: The Catalyst Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC5 - IT: The Catalyst (Part 2) MP3 MP3
SPEC6 - Strategies for Business Innovation Presentation  MP3 MP3
SPEC7 - Small Firm IT Discussion Forum: What's in Your Toolbox? Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC8 - Large Firm Discussion Forum Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC9 - Big Data: The Big Picture (and Big Catalyst?) Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC10 - Mergers and Acquisitions: How IT Contributes to Success Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC11 - Law Firm Finance and Your Budget: Why Firm Performance Matters to IT Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC13 - Microsoft's Bleeding-Edge: A Discussion for Legal Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC14 - Using Virtual-World Technology in the Real World  Presentation  MP3 MP3
SPEC15 - Contribute to ILTA's "Law Firm 101" Initiative - Workshop MP3 MP3
SPEC16 - What Makes Law Firm Departments Great? MP3 MP3
SPEC17 - Data Privacy and Security Law: An Overview for the IT Professional MP3 MP3
SV1 - 
SV2 - Microsoft Company Update: Leveraging Microsoft's Devices and Services in the Context of Legal Presentation
SV3 - 
SV4 - 
SV5 - 
SV6 - 
SV7 - 


FMPG1 - Modeling Matter Engagements for Profitability and Risk Presentation MP3 MP3
FMPG2 - CFO Roundtable MP3 MP3
FMPG3 - Building a Better Pricing Experience Database Presentation MP3 MP3
FMPG4 - Meeting Executive Management's Reporting Demands Presentation 1, Presentation 2 MP3 MP3
FMPG5 - Managing and Monitoring Budgeted and Fixed Fee Matters Presentation MP3 MP3
FMPG6 - Define and Deliver Value in Pricing and Client Relationships Presentation MP3 MP3
LDPG1 - If I Were in Your Shoes...Strengthening Partner Relationships Presentation MP3 MP3
LDPG2 - Alternative Billing: What's Working and What's Not? Presentation MP3 MP3
LDPG3 - Get Excited! Data Preservation and Legal Hold Notice Programs Presentation; Handout MP3 MP3
LDPG4 - Law Departments and Cybersecurity: Addressing the Scary Stuff Presentation MP3 MP3
LDPG6 - E-Discovery Pricing Predictability: An Ongoing Debate Presentation MP3 MP3
LPSPG1 - Hot Topics in E-Discovery MP3 MP3
LPSPG2 - Technology and Better Project Management Presentation Handout MP3 MP3
LPSPG3 - A Numbers Game: The Value of E-Discovery Metrics Presentation MP3 MP3
LPSPG4 - The Business of Litigation and Practice Support Presentation MP3 MP3
LPSPG5 - Discovery Solutions Part 1: The Selection Process Presentation, Handout XLSXHandout DOCXHandout PDF, Handout3 XLSX MP3 MP3
LPSP6 - Discovery Solutions Part 2: Implementation and Lessons Learned Presentation, Handout PDF, Handout XLSX MP3 MP3
ORG1 - eDiscovery Center Features of Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Presentation, Handout MP3 MP3
ORG2 - Making the Technical Understandable for a Law Firm Audience  Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG3 - So You've Done a Few Predictive Coding Projects... Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG4 - 50 Shades of Metrics: Finding the Hot Button Metrics Firms Actually Care About Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG5 - Get Invited to Discovery-Management Meet-and-Confer Meetings with No Regrets Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG6 - Focus On the Left To Do It Right! Implementing Client-Oriented Data Management and Document Review Strategies Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG7 - Tipping-Point Tech Investments MP3 MP3
ORG8 - Sorting It All Out: Law Firm Competitive Intelligence MP3 MP3
ORG9 - How To Avoid Being a CINO (Chief in Name Only) MP3 MP3
ORG10 - Best Practices for Onboarding Attorneys Presentation MP3 MP3
ORG11 - Manage Out: Selling Technology Within Your Firm Presentation, Handout 1, Handout 2 MP3 MP3
ORG12 - Manage "Up" to Great Leadership (Horrible Bosses or It's a Wonderful Life?) Presentation MP3 MP3


CTPG1 - Using the Cloud Responsibly Presentation MP3 MP3
CTPG2 - Mobile War Rooms and Trial Sites Presentation MP3 MP3
CTPG3 - Lync As a Telephony Solution Presentation MP3 MP3
CTPG4 - Leveraging VDI Through Citrix To Deliver a Secure Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Desktop Presentation MP3 MP3
CTPG5 - iPhones and iPads and iOS, Oh My! Leveraging Apple Mobility in Your Firm
CTPG6 - Tablets: Beyond the Stone and Chisel Presentation Presentation MP3 MP3
ETPG1 - Mobile Application Development for Law Firms Presentation MP3 MP3
ETPG2 - What's New and Cool in Emerging Technologies? MP3 MP3
ETPG3 - Tablet Death Match  Presentation  MP3 MP3
ETPG4 - Cutting-Edge Server Room Technology: What's New and Cool?!  Presentation MP3 MP3
ETPG5 - 10 Easy-To-Setup OSS Utility Servers MP3 MP3
ETPG6 - All About Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) Presentation MP3 MP3
SOSPG1 - Responding to a Security Breach Presentation MP3 MP3
SOSPG2 - Implementing Network Access Controls Presentation MP3 MP3
SOSPG3 - Managing the Desktop and Server Infrastructure with Microsoft SCCM 2012 MP3 MP3
SOSPG4 - You're Virtualized: Now What? Next Steps in Data Center Virtualization Presentation MP3 MP3
SOSPG5 - Tips for Data Center Preservation Presentation MP3 MP3
SOSPG6 - IPv6: From Assessment to Pilot Presentation MP3 MP3
SPEC12 - LegalSEC Update: A Security Trifecta Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH1 - What's New in Microsoft Server 2012? Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH2 - Delivering Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Videoconferencing  Presentation  MP3 MP3
TECH3 - Making Moves: Using the Right Technology To Stay Ahead of the Game Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH4 - Take Charge of BYOD  Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH5 - Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Spotlight Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH6 - Decrypting Encryption  Presentation  MP3 MP3
TECH7 - Wireless Solutions and Best Practices for the Untethered Enterprise Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH8 - Getting a Handle on Data Storage Growth and Management Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH9 - Centralized SIP Trunking: Benefits and Lessons Learned Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH10 - Is Mobile Device Management Enough?  Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH11 - Leveraging Unified Communications for a Competitive Advantage Presentation MP3 MP3
TECH12 - Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Presentation MP3 MP3


SPOT1 - 
SPOT2 - 
SPOT3 - 
SPOT4 - 
SPOT5 - 
SPOT6 - 
SPOT7 - AccessData: Mobile E-Discovery 101: Collecting and Analyzing Data from Mobile Devices Presentation
SPOT8 - 
SPOT9 - 
SPOT10 - 
SPOT11 - 
SPOT12 - 
SPOT13 - Microsoft: Office 365 and Azure: Solutions for Real-Time Legal Issues Presentation
SPOT14 - 
SPOT15 - 
SPOT16 - 
SPOT17 - 
SPOT18 - Thomson Reuters: All About Case Logistix: Document Review, Analytics, Hosted Solutions and More! Presentation
SPOT19 - 
SPOT20 -Aderant: Optimizing Business Development by Using Financial Data with Your CRM Presentation

ILTA TV Live Recordings

Monday, August 19th
Keynote (Scott Klosky) and ILTA co-chairs interview
Change Management in LPM
General Roundtable of Hot Topics
Apple Mobility iOS and Legal
Small Firm Discussion Forum
Agile LPM
Practical Applications of SharePoint
How do you manage projects without a PMO?
Leveraging Unified Communications to enable greater collaboration
How to maximize your pilot group strategy
Jump-Starting KM – Is it a Chevy or a Cadillac – Or whatever’s in the garage

Tuesday, August 20th
Keynote Interview – Emerging Business and Technology Opportunities
Bolstering KM Through User Experience Design
Off-the-rack Law Products: Creating Online Legal Products for Clients
Storytelling as KM
What Lit Support Professionals should know about Information Governance
eDiscovery features of Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013
Learn from the ECM Experts
Autonomy HP – Newest WorkSite Module – LinkSite
SharePoint as a Display Portal for Document Management
Sorting Out the Law Firm Competitive Intelligence Mess
Data Integrations in Mergers and Acquisitions

Wednesday, August 21st
Modeling matter engagements for profitability
FBI update to law firm security threats
Email Management – Getting users to file and how to manage it once they do
Payne on Privacy
Defining and Delivering Value in Pricing and Client Relationships
Technology and KM Tipping Point Investments
Leveraging Predictive Coding for Records Management Purposes
Information Governance Automation – Recommind Style
KM in support of Firm Operations
Guerilla tactics for Attorney training
Best practices for managing and monitoring budgeted and fixed fee matters

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